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I've been interested in animation for longer than I can remember. I'm mostly self taught, and seem to be improving with everything I release. I hope to one day further my skills. I love making cartoons.

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Today marks the 8th anniversary of FrogMan the Series, and I have nothing to celebrate it with lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not too big of a deal though, this isn't the first time this has happened.  I did have a few things in mind to celebrate this year, but they couldn't get done in time, maybe there will be some kind of celebration by the end of the month though, idk.

Plus it's not like anyone cares about FMTS anyways!!!!!!!!!!1


Also I put out a Zelda cartoon, you should go watch it, I spent way too fucking long on it.


Speaking of, I always try to put a wall of text in the description, talking about the production history and my thoughts on it, and once again I couldn't fit all of it in the description because I don't know when to shut up, so now I'm just gonna copy-paste what I wrote here.


Holy fuck did this take forever.  I started this back in March of 2017, and no it didn't take over a year to make a two minute cartoon, but when I think about it, it feels like it still took 4 or 5 months of solid work, at least, there were a few spans of a couple weeks where I was working on this non-stop, including the last month, and I don't understand how I spent so long on a just barely two minute cartoon, though tbf a lot of the animation here is on 1's (just because of how fast a lot of it is) so that might have to do with it.  It didn't feel like I spent too long on the animation though, but my perception of time is pretty fucked so maybe I did, I don't know.

Anyways, clearly the production history of this was a nightmare, there's no reason it should've taken this long.  I started it back in March and figured I would finish it in March, 'cause that's when Breath of the Wild came out, but I couldn't, for a few reasons, the first being that I was busy filming a live action series that still hasn't seen the light of day, and then also my laptop got dead, but that was quickly taken care of.  After that, I kept going back and forth between projects and then eventually I put a teaser for this out, expecting to finish it some time soon, but then I stopped working on it again, and then that was it for a while.  I went and worked on a bunch of other things, only finishing a few.

And then we get to this year, where I couldn't bring myself to work on anything, so all the plans I had for the year had to be thrown out, multiple times.  I kept trying to work on many things, but couldn't get very far because I couldn't bring myself to work.  Since I had been in a similar mood before in 2015, where I couldn't work on anything and just decided to start working on FMTS again after a year, and then did nothing but work on FMTS 6 until it was done, and I realized that's what I wanted to work on all along, so I figured there must be something I really want to work on, since I couldn't bring myself to work on anything else.  I thought that thing would be Gripp, an animated mini-series that's very personally meaningful to me.  So I started working on it, and it ended up like everything else, I gave up just after starting because I couldn't bring myself to work further.  And then I decided to go back to the zelda cartoon.  And I could work on it.  For whatever stupid fucking reason, this was the cartoon I wanted to work on, maybe because it was left unfinished for so long, just like FMTS 6.  So I worked on it, and for 5 or 6 months, I put out no new cartoons.  I didn't work on it consistently over those 5 months, because I always fell back into that slump.  I never truly felt like I was 100% depressed though, I mean, I thought I was depressed, but I wasn't entirely sure, but these past few months, something changed.  I felt different.  Every waking second that wasn't spent occupying myself with some mindless activity, I was overcome with immense sadness, seemingly out of nowhere.  I'm still undiagnosed, but that change, with the feeling lasting for well over a month now, plus my shit memory, definitely makes me more confident that's what's actually going on.  I should really go to the doctor about that, but that costs money.

Anyways, after way too long, this cartoon is finally done.  And honestly?  I don't know how to feel about it.  I wanted to make it the best it could be since it had been so long, but in the end, I decided to not shade the whole thing, and even skimp out on some animation, because it would have been at least another month if I had, and I shouldn't be spending this much time on a stupid zelda cartoon.  Also I tried scoring this myself, instead of using music from the game, out of fear of Nintendo  smacking me down for copyright, and I don't know how to feel about the music.  It isn't great, but I think it gets the job done and doesn't detract from it at least.

With all that said, hopefully people still enjoy this, so it makes the time spent working on it worth it.  If not, well then whatever, I've got more important things to work on anyways.

And from the looks of it, I'd say people are enjoying it ;3


Also, in other news, I have some plans for the rest of the year! (oh no!!!!!!!)

Basically, all I plan to put out for the rest of the year, is

  • an album
  • 8 new AU Reviews
  • a super secret music video
  • and maybe an EP

Hopefully I can pull it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I moved, and am now working to get my GED, because I forgot that was a thing lmao.


Okay, that's it I guess.  I should probably post these more often, but then if I did that, I probably wouldn't have so much to talk about.

Maybe that's a good thing though.


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