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Last month marked 10 years since I released FrogMan the Series into the world. I had a few plans to celebrate, though nothing as grandiose as I should do for such a momentous occasion.

Either way, those plans were: Upload the FMTS 10th Anniversary short on 9/1, the actual 10th anniversary, and then at some point in the month, upload a video entitled "The Origin and Future of FrogMan" and then make a news post talking about the 10th anniversary, and linking to these things. Obviously neither of these worked out. I got the 10th anniversary short done at some point in the month at least, so there's that.

What didn't get done though, was The Origin and Future of FrogMan.

I spent nearly 6 hours editing the audio, and spent maybe an hour or two editing the video, but quickly lost all motivation to continue because it was just taking away time from making cartoons, and I'd much rather be doing that.

I was just gonna scrap the video and maybe get back to it later, but since I had already spent so much time editing the audio, I thought, why not upload it as a podcast to newgrounds? Sure, I do reference a couple things that would've been shown in the visuals, but it doesn't really detract from it too much, so hopefully it works.

So here is The Origin and Future of FrogMan, the audio version. Below is the transcript if you wanna read along while listening. IIRC you can embed audio portal submissions in news posts and play them in page, but idk how to do it, so if I fucked it up, then whoops. If you can't actually, then fuck.


September 1st, 2010 was the day I first released FrogMan the Series into the world, although I had teased it for a bit before then. It's now September 2020, so in celebration of 10 years of FrogMan the Series, I wanna talk about the origins of the show, and what I want to do with it in the future. And although FrogMan the Series started in 2010, the FrogMan characters have been around a lot longer than that. FrogMan himself dates all the way back to 2003!

After the death of my first step father, some changes were made in my childhood home, shortly before losing it because my mom's name wasn't on the mortage or something. One of these changes was ripping up all the carpet. I don't know entirely why this was done, probably because they were stained with animal urine, but in doing so, the concrete underneith was exposed, and us children were given freedom to draw on the floors with chalk, which also perfectly coincided with the airing of the Nickelodeon show Chalk Zone, and so in the midst of drawing characters from the show and recreating scenes from the show, I created 3 original characters, all superheroes: Super Billy, his sidekick Pig Boy, and FrogMan.

Yeah, I never really thought about it until now, but I guess technically FrogMan is a Chalk Zone OC... godda-

So because I was still a small brained child who was more interested in making up stories with his toys, not much was really done with these characters, or maybe there was, but I can't remember. That kinda changed though, when my school did their annual young author's competition and all the students were given a small, hardback book with blank pages to write whatever story they wanted in it, and so of course now getting the chance to write an actual book, fresh off making these new characters, I absolutely made a story with them. Just kidding, instead I made a book called Monsters of the World, that had nothing to do with FrogMan, but it is the orign of the character Cheese, and his race the cheese monsters, as well as a few other races in the FrogMan world, including an alien species inspired by the snorks! And squidward too, probably.

Unfortunately I no longer have The Monsters of the World, so it's completely gone forever. It's understandable though since we moved a lot and stuff was lost all the time. Regardlesss, nothing ever really came of this, I didn't place in the contest or make a lot of money or anything, but it does live on in memory. I do remember one of the pages being very bloody, depicting the aftermath of a war between cat people and dog people, in which all the cat people were brutally killed, and showing this to the teacher. I don't remember their reaction though, probably an awkward laugh.

The next year though, in 2004, we once again had the young author's competition, and this year instead of just what was essentially a field guide to the citizens of some world, I decided to make an actual story, and one using FrogMan! And thus, The Adventures of FrogMan was born! And unlike Monsters of the World, this one I actually still have somehow!

The first in a 5 book series, it's nothing too special. It introduces FrogMan and his rival, the Terrible Toad, and explains a little bit about what goes on, but then oh no, an unknown villain shows up and kidnaps FrogMan!

Ah, but being an actual story this time, surely I placed in the contest and went on to get a book deal with a big publisher and made a lot of money? No, but I always told people I got 4th place, which I'm not sure if that was actually true or not. I can't imagine it was, but why would 9 year old me lie like that?

So obviously FrogMan went from being fairly family friendly, to being what it is now, and I don't know if I wanted the series to be explicit or not at first, but since it was made for school it had to be pretty clean anyways, but that didnt' stop me from putting blood in!!!

The only reason I bring this up, is because 2 years later I made the 2nd book, The Adventures of FrogMan 2, but this time it was made outside of school, and I made it significantly more adult, adding (censored) swearing, and (censored) nudity. And even though it was made outside of school, it was still one of the small, hardback books the school gave us to make the stories with. I don't remember how I got this, whether it was given to me the previous year and I never wrote a story with it, or if I just asked for it or I stole it or what, but it exists and I still have it!

Also fun fact: when I originally made it, the censored text was represented with symbols, inspired by Conker's Bad Fur Day, but then a while later I went in and edited it with white out and wrote over it to make the words bit clearer, but still censored, by replacing the vowels with dashes. Also I specifically remember asking my mom if I could put cussing in it since it wasn't being made for school. That's kind of adorable.

Oh, looking at it again, I actually made the decision to change the type of censoring after the first few pages, because the rest of it doesn't have the white out. Also something I noticed here and in the first book, is the speech bubbles are numbered. This was clearly done after the fact since it's in black pen, and the first book was done in pencil and this was done in blue pen for some reason. I don't remember these numbers being here though, and I certainly don't remember doing it myself! It reminds me of how for the cover of The Monsters of the World, someone drew a face on a roach monster, because I guess it got smeared away??? but it just looked really bad so what the heck!

I must've done this though, I can't imagine anyone else doing it, especially since these books haven't really left my side for the past decade and a half. Sure do love having memory problems thanks to depression.

So with The Adventures of FrogMan 1 getting made in 2004, and The Adventures of FrogMan 2 getting made in 2006, logically The Adventures of FrogMan 3 would get made in 2008, right? Well, it did! Or at least, part of it. But then it somehow got thrown out!!! Great. Epic. I don't know how that mistake gets made, but it definitely made me very mad. I eventually tried to start working on it again, but I only got as far as the title page, as I found out a few years ago when I found it inside a sketch book that one of my sisters had apparently held onto all this time, along with some early model sheets!

So I kinda just completely neglected to talk about the plot of The Advnetures of FrogMan 2, but really, nothing happens. FrogMan gets captured and taken to the villains lair, Bionic Bug leaves, and FrogMan escapes. And then he just goes on an uneventful adventure and eventually finds Pig Land, and, shockingly, a pig version of Pig Boy. Oh yeah, and he fights Terrible Toad again.

The Adventures of FrogMan 3 was gonna be a bit bigger, taking place in Pig Land and introducing us to Wise Frog and Toady, and probably Super Billy, I can't remember. I'm not sure what the villains were originally going to do in this issue, if they were even gonna do anything at all, but FrogMan was definitely gonna be training for the majority of it.

I'm talking vaguely about it because honestly I don't remember. Like I said, originally The Adventures of FrogMan was gonna have 5 books, but I honestly don't remember everything that was gonna happen, and I don't know what would've even filled those last two books. The only other big details I remember are that FrogMan was gonna join the side of evil, and then Wise Frog and Toady would have to convince him to come back to the side of good, and then he would, and then I think Toady joined the side of evil and then they had to get him to come back to the side of good because it turns out he was actually the most powerful of the frogs??? I guess that could fill 5 books, but it's just kinda redundant and stupid.

Looking at this page from the old FrogMan the Series Wiki, I had written down titles for The Adventures of FrogMan books, but they don't really do much to tell me what each was gonna be about. They did remind me though that Frogs of the Round Table started out as a book, and there was also a book called Frogman's Random Day that I completely forgot about and I guess is just lost forever. All I remember from it was it was made in 2007 and was inspired by the mortal kombat parody "Scorpion's Random Day".

Either way, in like 2009 or early 2010 I did have the whole story figured out, I think I wrote it down on paper somewhere, and I know for sure I made a big drawing depicting all the characters from The Adventures of FrogMan, and I think maybe even illustrating the order of events in the series??? I wish I still had this, but unfortuntately a lot of this early stuff is just lost, once again from moving so many times. At least I still have the 2 original books though, as well as these turnarounds and the cover for The Adventures of FrogMan 3. If you're curious to see the stories in full, in 2009 I uploaded a couple of videos in which I read the books as FrogMan, as well as another video in which he reads Science Books, a book I made in 7th grade starring a couple of characters that I would love to do more with but much like everything else I've made, the production has been rocky.

Eventually I'd like to scan the books and just dump the pages online so everyone can witness the cringe, but until that day, FrogMan Reads will have to do!

So like I said, there were supposed to be 5 books in the series, and I had everything planned out, so would I ever actually finish the story? I guess I had intended to, but since my main interest started leaning toward animation, I guess I was just gonna reboot the whole series into cartoons, because at some point I started adapting The Adventures of FrogMan into scripts!

I don't have the original copies of these scripts anymore, so windows says they were created in 2014 and last modified in 2012, but I'm pretty sure I started these in 2009 or 2010. By that point I had definitely started doing non Adventures of FrogMan things with the characters, including a christmas special I wrote in 2009, which I have the script for that also says it was made in 2012, so I don't trust these dates at all.

Also I forgot to mention in 6th grade I made The Adventures of FrogMan .5, a prequel to The Adventures of FrogMan in which FrogMan eats breakfast. The only significant thing about it is it introduces the character Toast, who was briefly seen in episode 2 of FrogMan the Series, esentially recreating his first appearance, before being eaten by Terrible Toad. Yay, more lost media.

Anyways, the scripts I wrote differ pretty significantly from the books. The first script doesn't differ too much from the orignal, aside from a few dialogue changes, including an honestly better pun, also more blood, but still as family friendly as the original! No, I did not go back and retroactively add in any profanity, well except for this descriptive bit.

The biggest change comes from having a physical narrator, which I remember being a little iffy on to begin with, but I wasn't sure what else to do since the descriptive parts were such a big part of the original books, so it just made sense. It also lacks the best feature of the original, being that the last 5 pages just state "blank page" but it does have a similarly lame teaser for the next book. Fun fact: The original title for the Adventures of FrogMan 2 was going to be FrogMan and the Bionic Bug, but as you can see here, it was clearly changed to FrogMan escapes, and The Adventures of FrogMan 3 was originally titled The Sidekick, but was then changed to FrogMan and Toady, so it's kinda like the opposite. Now you might be wondering why I decided to change this, well (trailes off)

Speaking of The Adventures of FrogMan 2, The differences between the original and this script are staggering! I actually learned how to spell censor! I still mispelled clothes though, but almost. Also all of the profanity is gone, escept for this one line for some reason. Also yes, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to just blatantly make FrogMan's parents Homer and Marge Simpson, even though it makese no sense.

I think originally this was just gonna be a subtle nod with the designs, but then I decided to be blatant about it after the fact since in the original, the speech bubbles showing this are clearly drawn with a different pen, but then the rest of the book is as well so maybe not???

Either way, It's interesting to see that I decided to revert it to a more family friendly tone again, and it's also just really meta, mostly in a cringe way. Also most of the dialogue is straight up the same, and where there are deviations they're kinda worse, like Terriblee Toad's introductory line. I felt the brief "I said there'd be a round 2" in the original worked well and kept the pacing tight, and while I appreciate the expanded world building the new line has, it really just bogs everything down and it's not very well executed.

Also this script lacks the inventive "how to draw frogman" section the orignal had. Yeah, turns out The Adventures of FrogMan 2 was longer than The Adventures of FrogMan, since it lacked the iconic 5 blank pages, and instead had a 1 page how to draw, and then the reverse of the back cover had a space for comments, which I got from my friends and family. Fun fact, the person who the book is dedicated to, was the most critical, rightfully so.

Also it's lacking the back cover's about the author section which is also primo cringe and apparently my sister wrote her name all over it at some point and tried to cover it up with white out and thought I wouldn't notice. Spoiler alert: I noticed.

Lastly, while the scripts for The Adventures of FrogMan 1 and 2 might differ somewhat, the script for The Adventures of FrogMan 3 is exactly the same as the original, in that it's only a title page. Good job me, the story is lost forever.

Reading these scripts again though, maybe they were written later than I thought. The way they're written is definitely post-2009, since the spelling and grammar are halfway decent, and The Adventures of FrogMan 2 changes this assassin dude to Shade, who I'm pretty sure I didn't properly design until I was planning the FrogMan the Series Movie, which I completed the first draft script for in 2012, so who knows, maybe these were written in 2012, though I think it's more likely to be late 2011, who knows.

Speaking of FrogMan the Series, that's what happened after this. After a few attempts to bring back and finish The Adventures of FrogMan, I decided to just go ahead and just make something else with the characters. Like I said before, I had alrady been doing this for a bit, as can be seen in some of my earlier uploads, so I guess a sitcom was just the natural next step. I say sitcom, because, let's be honest that's what it really is, but in the show itself it's referred to as a reality show, because it's supposd to be FrogMan's real life, so I guess it's kinda both? I only called it a reality show at the time because I had just started watching drawn together and that was marketed as the first animated reality show, and I was like "I wanna do that too!!!!!!!!!!" so I did.

But yes, FrogMan the Series was first released to the world on September 1st, 2010, but it had been developing for a while before that. I'm not sure of the exact date of conception, but it at least dates back to february of 2010, where I uploaded "frogman fight scene", a look at what could be a potential frogman series, and then a few months later I made the FrogMan the Series pilot, for the 8th grade talent show. Unfortunately, you'll never guess, it's lost! Although you're not missing much because it was just episode 1 with all the swearing and subplot with the villains removed, and drawn in microsoft paint, it is unfortunate. There's still hope it can one day be found though. it was burned to a dvd so Alex still might have it, or he might have the original files on an old hard drive somewhere, I know I've seen it. At the very least, the audio for it has bene preserverd thanks to a recording of the talent show. Unfortunately the visuals are gone though because whoever filmed this didn't bother to check if they could actually see the screen it was being projected on.

I don't even know how the pilot got lost. I've literally got everything else from that time, i've got all the original images for LEGO Land for god's sake, but I don't have the FrogMan the Series pilot, or the short cartoon I made before that to audition for the talent show. To get a better idea of what it looked like though, just imagine the quality of Attack of the Squirrel King but it's episode 1 of FrogMan the series condensed into 2 minutes.

Either way, while I didn't win the talent show, I don't know how the pilot was pretty good, I told everyone the actual series would be premiereing later in the year, and over the summer, I started working on it. I can't remember when exactly I started working on it, but I know episode 1 and 2 were done before school started, and I think episode 2 was finished in july??? I'm not sure, I wanna say school started in august, but I remember episode 1 premiering shortly after school started so that conflicts with that, and I don't remember how long episode 3 took to make, but I know it didn't make the original deadline and instead was released in november, and as we all know, that trend kept happening.

Yes, FrogMan the Series was planned as a series with weekly episodes, I thought I could get a 10 minute cartoon done every week, and maybe I did for the first two episodes, but I can't remember. Clearly episode 3 took longer, but its production was also different, I switched to flash halfway through, and yeah it was very jarring, but ultimately it was for the better. The program I was using before, Anime Studio, was very limiting, but unfortunately when I made the switch back to flash, I brought most of my workflow with me, and that meant very stilted, cut-out style animation.

Which is funny considering I kinda knew how frame by frame animation worked before working in anime studio, as is evidenced by attack of the squirrel king and the FrogMan the Series pilot, but I didn't remember this again until halfway through production of episode 5. Episode 4, although the drawings were better, I guess I just got lazy and decided to only have key poses and not even do any tweens, and then in episode 5 I went back to tweens, but then tried doing a bit more limited frame by frame, and then after that point I swore off tweens forever, especially after making the first FrogMan the series short, Frogs of the Round Table, a remake of a 2009 short I made, also called Frogs of the Round Table, which caused some confusion when I told my 9th grade art teacher to look up FrogMan the Series on youtube before it was out, because I titled the short FrogMan Mini-series: Frogs of the Round Table, and it was the only thing that showed up because the series proper wasn't out yet.

But yes, as fate would have it, the weekly episodes were not meant to be. In fact, any consistency wasn't meant to be. Even full episodes, ultimately, weren't meant to be.

Maybe if my dad hadn't died at the end of 2010 things would've gone differently, but there were many factors at play as to why the episodes were delayed so much. Like I said, episode 3 came out in november 2010, not such a bad delay in the long run, but then episode 4 didn't come out until may of 2011. Though to be fair, I also made a music video starring the FrogMan characters in january of 2011, but we don't talk about that.

After that I swore it wouldn't be that long of a wait for episode 5, I even started it shortly after completing episode 4. And then it didn't come out until june of 2012. And then I swore there wouldn't be another long wait for episode 6, which I started shortly after finishing episode 5. And then it didn't come out until april of 2016, but that's already pretty common knowledge.

What's also pretty common knowledge is that in 2012 I started making FrogMan the Series shorts! They were pretty sparse at first, but as the years went on it ws clear there was going to be more of them than full episodes, at least until I could actually produce full seasons.

What isn't pretty common knowledge though, is that there were actually THREE versions of episode 6. Two versions, sure, some people probably knew that, since I uploaded The Lost Episode, but there actually was a version before that that I started almost immedaitely after episode 5, I think I only had one frame done, or at least the first shot, and it looked very bad and was terible so I deleted it and started over.

And then until the end of 2012 I was working on the new version of episode 6, and then I couldn't work on it any longer because my computer died and I had no access to the file. I eventually got a new computer and eventually got access to the file again, but I didn't finish it up for some reason. I guess I just didn't feel the urge to. I had started working on other things at that point, but part of me still wanted to do FrogMan, so in 2014 I made the decision to scrap what I had of episode 6 again, and start over, because the animation was just so much worse and different at that point to really be usable, and I wasn't 100% satisfied with the script either, so I rewrote some stuff, recorded the lines with alex, and begain animating, and I got two scenes finished, and then once again stopped working, until late 2015 when I had no internet and was alone and afraid and had nothing else to do or seek comfort from, so I opened a scene from episode 6 for the first time in over a year and just started animating. And it felt good. And then I animated more scenes, and then finally, in april of 2016, I finished episode 6, and although the quality is really inconsistent, it felt so good to finally get that out and off my back, but now, I felt no urge to work on episode 7. Since it's the last part of the vacation trilogy, I re-wrote and recorded voices back to back with episode 6. But now episode 6 was done and I had no urge to work on the next one. And honestly, I still don't.

Since starting FrogMan the Series, I've had so many more ideas for series and shorts and movies that I want to do way more, and I'm way more passionate about. It sucks, because for the longest time, FrogMan the Series was all I wanted to make, and I have so many ideas for episodes and movies and all these spin offs and everything, I've got 10 seasons worth of ideas, 120 total episodes and 3 movies. There's some really good, deep, personally meaningful episodes in the later seasons that I'm really proud of that I would love to make, but I'd have to make a ton of episodes before hand to even get to that point, and I just don't wann do it. Maybe I will one day.

The closest thing I have an urge to work on that's related to FrogMan the Series is a spinoff starring Toady called Pollywogs, which I started as a comic in 2015, and said I would revive this year but havn't, though maybe I have by the time this video's out, I don't know.

Pollywogs was originally conceived as an animated series, lasting 3 seasons for a total of 36 episodes, and the comic was cancelled because that's what it should be. Animated. The story takes place between seasons 7 and 8 of FrogMan the Series, so logically I shouldn't make it until after season 7 of FrogMan the Series, but just like all the episodes of that that I truly care about, I'd have to make so much before I can even get to that point, but since Pollywogs is a spinoff I could just do it at any point, but there's still a few other projects I care more about that I wanna get done before that.

Another spinoff for FrogMan the Series I wrote but never actually made, is Lame Villains, a 6 episode series starring the villains, written because it had been a few years since I had got to animate them, and it would still be a few more since they don't appear again until like episode 9 I think??? Either way, I started planning the series in 2014, and it still hasn't been made so so much for that. One day though.

In addition to the episodes, shorts, and spinoffs, in 2015 I also released FrogMan and Pico, a 12 minute animated short film that takes place within the FrogMan the Series canon, but isn't an episode, so I guess it's just a special.

I started FrogMan and Pico in 2013, and it took 2 years to make, although I took pretty big breaks from it here and there so it was probably only around 8 months of actual work. Either way, it's my longest cartoon, and probably still the one I'm proud of the most. But, that will change one day.

And as of making this video, the most recent thing related to Frogman the Series to come out, as the 10th anniversary special short, unless I didn't actually finish it in time, in which case, boy this is awkward.

But of course, every original cartoon I make takes place in the FrogMan universe, the FrogMan Cinematic Universe, or FMCU if you will, so technically everything I make is related to FrogMan, except for the few cases where it isin't... uh

There would've also been another short earlier this year that I actually started in 2017, but I once again couldn't finish that because of stupid crap, so that'll come out next year.

So that's the past and present of FrogMan, but what about the future?

Well, honestly, and I hate to say this, I think I'm kinda done with FrogMan the Series at this point. It's been over 4 years since episode 6 came out, and I still feel no urge to work on episode 7, and if I did, I'd have to re-record all the voices anyways, and that's a lot of work. I thought about rebooting the seires at one point, because I could do the first few episodes so much better now, and ultimately that just might be what happens. I'm still not 100% on that.

What is 100% certain though is that there will be more FrogMan the Series shorts, though maybe not too frequent. I've got a ton of ideas and scripts for them, but again, there's so many more cartoons I wanna make, but 1 or two a year is perfectly doable, especially for anniversarys.

The biggest thing though, is that I still wanna finish The Adventures of FrogMan. Yes, the biggest anime twist in history, except not really. Obviously I don't remember all the specifics of the origianl story, but I remembered enough to try and piece together some kind of adaptation of it, and over the period of a couple years, I did. From november 2013 to some time in 2014, I fleshed out a plot outline for a feature-length FrogMan origin story, and in 2014 it was finally finished. The story for The Adventures of FrogMan was finally finished, at least, in some form.

All the redundent stuff was removed, but it was still pretty bloated and messy just because there was so much going on, and so it was further refined. Either way, I had the bulk of the story figured out, and I drew up a poster, which I still like, though it'll definitely need to be remade now 'cause the art's pretty old, and I'm probably gonna end up going with a drastically differnet art style for the final film, and some characters have ended up taking on a smaller role, but yes, at some point, The Adventures of FrogMan will be adapted into a feature-length origin film, simply titled FrogMan.

According to windows, the first draft of the script was finished in november of 2017, though I'm not entirely sure how accurate that is, but I do remember sitting on it for a few years and then finally writing the whole script out in one 16 hour sitting, so maybe.

And then until as recently as april of 2019 I continued to refine the script, adding and removing scenes as I saw fit, and now it's at a place where I'm mostly happy with it. I was happier with it last year, but now looking at it again I'm not so sure. I mean, it was never meant to be a masterpiece, it was never going to be, at best my hopes were the story was a 6/10 but the fight scenes are cool enough to keep you engaged, but it can always be improved, and maybe I'll go back and do more refining before I actually start working on it, which I'm not sure when it will actually be, but I would love to have the film done before I'm 30, so I've got 5 years.

I wanted to have it done before I was 25, but considering I still haven't started and I couldn't even make 10 episodes of FrogMan the Series in 10 years, the odds are pretty unlikely that that will actually happen.

Who knows though.

And that's just the FIRST FrogMan oirigin film. Oh what, you think this story could simply be told in a single film? Of course not. Well, the original story could, but as I developed it more, and thought about the world building, I had so many ideas and suddenly I had a film trilogy on my hands, and I've even got a few ideas for a fourth film, but that one's less likely to happen since it's not 100% important for the l o r e.

Also just to clarifiy, earlier I said there are 3 FrogMan the Series movies planned. These are unrelated to that, so tht's SIX whole movies just related to FrogMan, though these ones are kind of a different canon but not really. And of course, if the original story of The Adventures of FrogMan is the first film, then what's the story of the other two films if FrogMan the Series takes place immediately after the end of The Adventures of FrogMan and these Films aren't necessarily part of that? Well, all I'll say right now is that the true origins of FrogMan take place long before The Adventures of FrogMan, so it would only make sense that the other films would take place further back in the past. How much further? Well, you'll find out eventually. Hopefully.

And there you have it, the origins, and future of FrogMan, a 17 year old journey that still isn't finished, where there will be many more adventures to have. Some sooner than later, and some later than sooner.

And that was more poetic than anything else I've written that's related to FrogMan.

Oh god I only have 1k more characters in this post because of the transcript and I had so much more I wanted to say FUCK


Well, yeah, idk

I still don't know how to feel. I'm just trying to continue to work on cartoons at this point, because I can. I'm not using my time fully though, but I'll say more about that in my next news post. I wanted to make a news post talking about how shit this year has been, but I kept putting it off 'cause I knew this one was coming, and well, then it was over a month late, but you know what? it be like that sometimes

Also I still haven't got around to finishing the Pollywogs Revival comic, every time I open the file I just can't bring myself to do it. Maybe after I finish this halloween cartoon I can though, who knows.

Either way, happy 10 years FrogMan the Series. You've had a troubled history, but the journey isn't quite over yet.

Fuck I wanted to say so much more, I'll do a followup post if people want


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