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I really love this new grainy style you've been using, it's especially fitting for something like this. The comedy and atmosphere is great as always.

I was confused by the shrimp at first, but then I read the description and it all made sense lmao

Funnily enough, I too have had a dream involving Jim Sterling, though that was a bit different...

Gerkinman responds:

Hey thanks, I like trying to make my work feel a bit more tactile, im not a fan of super digital feeling work.

Your dream sounds saucy... :P

Gay frogs are my specialty, and I can assure you, these frogs are 100% gay and that's the way it should be.

Glad to finally see that this is out! I remember converting it to video for you and wondering why you never uploaded it :p

Yeah, it's not as good as something you could do now, but it's still better than a lot of stuff you see posted online.

As for actual critiques, the animations pretty great for the most part, it's all smooth and dynamic, though some bits look pretty wonky, and there's even missing lipsync, though iirc that was due to time constraints.

The story is interesting, but feels really condensed and doesn't flow too well. There's quite a few pacing issues. That last shot is still as cool as the first time I saw it though.

Overall though, the concept is really cool and would definitely work well as something much longer with more time put into it. Once again, it's great to finally see this released, and I hope to see some more new stuff from you soon!

HowardWimshurst responds:

Wow it is you! That's amazing that you saw this. yes it has been quite a long time since I actually made this. I agree with you that it is a bit wonky and the pacing is... not satisfactory for me. These shortcomings almost stopped me from releasing it. but then i made a video about abandoning projects and I thought that I should follow my own advice. I'm sure that it was worth the few hours of extra effort to get it cleaned up and put out onto the internet, especially after all of that work i put into it. Thanks for helping me with it back in the day. Hope you are doing well!

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I will admit, at first I was like "what do I do?" and then I noticed the thingy in the corner said "get" and was a button, then the fun started ;3

It's a simple little gadget but there's a lot of words that could possibly pop up which leads to tons of interesting and hilarious combinations. There's been a couple of times when I've gotten the same phrase a few times in a row, but it doesn't seem like a bad thing since everything almost always goes together nicely.

The background graphics are simplistic, but there's a lot going on with them so that's good, and that mixed with the music and the spastic text gives it a chaotic feel, perhaps intentional as playing with fate can be a chaotic thing? ;3 The lightning and the water are probably the best effects there, nicely done with those.

The music is a bit loud though but hey, at least there's a mute button.

Not really much to say about this, it's a fun little gadget. Congrats on all the praise you're getting, it's well deserved with the work you've put in!

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Oh gee, now Flappy Bird's on Newgrounds as well ;3

First of all, I have to say that the Mario music made me chuckle because those pipes look like they were ripped out of Super Mario World so it's very fitting and a nice stab at the original Flappy Bird.

Anyways, this is a nice adaptation of the game, though something you've done seems to have made it severely harder, it might be the speed that he falls or the arc or something, but it seems a lot harder to control him precisely. Nonetheless I did manage to get a score of 2 so it isn't unplayable, heh.

What I feel this needs is to use the scoreboard aspect of the Newgrounds API, since this is a game that relies on nothing but getting the "high" score. Being able to save your score and compare it to others probably would have added more re-playability, especially since people around here like to boast their stats. Some medals would have been nice too, like one for getting 10 points, etc.

You probably would have been better off making your own art and applying it to the mechanics of Flappy bird. That with the addition of medals and a scoreboard would have made this immensely better.

Seems you have potential as a game developer though. Hopefully you make something more original with more features next time. Good luck with your future games.

holyguacamolee responds:

appreciate your response :) thank you!

Not that great

Really it seems like a work in progress right now, since you can't really do anything. The overall look of it isn't the best, and it doesn't have much functionality. When going into the control panel and clicking on the only thing you can click on, nothing happens. Since it's so limited, it probably shouldn't have been uploaded yet. When more options are available, then it might actually be enjoyable.

kirill1996 responds:

It is a work in progress

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I really like this piece. Normally I don't review audio (mostly because I don't know much about music) so this might not be the most in-depth review. The song did sound nice though. The title is really fitting, as I can picture someone looking at their reflection and all the stuff that makes up their personality flies by them. All of it ending with them realizing what kind of person they are. The feel of the song really does give some cool visuals in my mind. I would totally like to see it used in an animation one day. You should upload more stuff, you have lots of talent.

Postacmusic responds:

Thank you for your review! I love hearing what others visualize, or think of when they hear music so this was awesome! Thanks again!

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Simplistic, yet expressive.

It certainly is a cute and simple drawing. Pretty neat style as well. The sketchyness of the lines mixed with the two colors helps show the color and feel of the fur.

The eyes do look a bit too derpy though. One looks okay while the other is really sketchy. I think if they both looked similar it would look better. I'm also not sure what's going on with what I'm assuming is the mouth. I think it's smiling but yeah, not really sure :/

Still a nice piece though!

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SerPounce responds:

Thanks for the review mate, I'm obviously willing to admit it was rushed (for no discernible reason), so I'm glad you appreciated it as much as you did.

I don't know, it's like art or somethin'... :p

The comic book style works well again, like with your last piece I reviewed. Nice coloring and line quality. It's drawn pretty well and the hair has a nice amount of detail. The hair is probably the best part of this. The curves on her neck, chin, and cheeks look a bit awkward for some reason, as well as the squiggles under her eyes. Not really sure what's going on there. There's also something about her face that seems kinda manly... unless that's what you were going for, in which case good job :p

A decent piece. It's fun to look at and has a neat style.

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Carr77 responds:

Aw, thanks :D That was a long review, and that's how I like'em :)

I'm not sure if there's supposed to be any sort of message here, but it's a really nice piece.

It's pretty big so I'm glad you put a lot of little details into the trees and such. The silhouettes are good too. Everything adds up to a really nice, dark feel.

The only thing I see wrong with this is the texture on the field just doesn't seem right. it seems more like concrete rather than grass, other than that everything's fine... unless that's the look you were going for, in which case disregard that ;3

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I've been interested in animation for longer than I can remember. I'm mostly self taught, and seem to be improving with everything I release. I hope to one day further my skills. I love making cartoons.

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