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I've been interested in animation for longer than I can remember. I'm mostly self taught, and seem to be improving with everything I release. I hope to one day further my skills. I love making cartoons.

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congrats on the 10 years man. just keep trying at things and stuffs, always give yourself something to do

Yeah man, just gotta stay busy. It's kinda hard when that's what the depression prevents me from doing, but I've been getting better at it.

Congrats on ten years!

I get all of my most inspiring and motivational post ideas when I'm away from my computer. Then I sit down at my computer and my brain goes mmmmmeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh and I never actually share my super motivational and inspiring thoughts.

Thanks Tom! Yeah, that just seems to be the way. It's so easy to think of something, but actually putting it out is so hard. Though in my case, I can write so much but does it actually mean anything? This time I felt like it didn't, or at least, it didn't mean enough. The idea is still there though so it can always get out eventually!

congrats! and enjoy your slumber

I guess I enjoyed it but I had to wake up eventually!!!!!!

Thanks :3

Congrts my dude i hope thoes were some good years

A few of them were, some of them not so much, but all that matters is the future is looking bright and I've got the means to make 2019 way better than a lot of the previous years!

Ten years man.
I feel you there.

It's a long time lmao

Hey I'll be 35 when I reach my 20th. XD Congratss on the 10 years! Happy you're still sticking with this site too as the site sticks with you! The Tumblr influx has certainly livened up the place too. Like old times huh. Little snivel of nostalgia...

About to check out that review thing now if I hadn't already. :) Good stuff in the making! Keep fighting that depression good dude and may the new year be full of even greater promise!

Man I forgot Newgrounds has been around as long as I have now (23 years lmao) so there's people that have been on it for 20 years!!! That's a long-ass time to be on a website. Looks like there's still a few years for you until then, but your 15th year is coming up at least!

I may not have been as active within the community as I would have liked over the past few years, but I don't think I could ever fully leave Newgrounds at this point. I've always considered it a home away from home and it still means so much to me, and I'm truly happy to see it get a lot of love and new life recently. It really is like the old times, especially the porn ;3

Glad you're checking the review out, I see you've already reviewed it at this point so I'll get to responding to that after this lmao. It's a long-ass video so I wouldn't expect many to check it out, but I put a lot of time into it so I'm happy that at least someone's watching it!

And yeah, I will keep fighting. I gotta keep fighting, it's the only option. The thing that sucks the most about my depression is that it makes me not want to work on things, but working on things takes my mind off the depression and when I actually get into it, I remember I actually love animating and doing whatever other creative things, so it's a really shit cycle of wasting a lot of time and feeling awful and then remembering that I should just be ignoring how I think I feel and just get to it and work, but it's so easy to fall into that cycle. I have been getting better at remembering that though, despite the depression seemingly getting worse.

And I'm definitely looking forward to 2019, 'cause now I have the means to make it a really good year. And even if I end up losing this job at some point, it doesn't matter, because I now know that I'm capable of getting and holding a job, and that was the biggest thing holding me back, that fear of not actually being able to do it, but I am, and I'm a pretty damn hard worker apparently ;3

Depression, huh? You ever need to vent/rant, gimme a yell. I'm always around this part of town.

Thanks ;3 I've got plenty of people to vent to already, fortunately, but having another is always good, in case the others aren't available lol

Congratulations on 10 years! It happens to us all eventually. I hope the next 10 years are better for you! As long as you do you, I'm sure you'll be just fine.

Anyways, looking forward to your new work. Cheers!

Man I'm always impressed with your responses! XD Thanks for that last one! Though I'm trying to keep things concise myself I do like reading those. Hadn't heard of Yooka-Laylee before hmm, seems almost Croc/Spyro-inspired, and yeah, that Pacman game is actually on my site too for anyone who still wants to throw in a coin: https://cyberd.org/pac/

...had it there before Google officially added it to their archive. :) Took some time to get it working right so I don't want to take it down. But there is an official version now so... hope they don't stumble upon this thing and decide it's not supposed to be there.

That 40 minute review definitely seems interesting too. XD

Back to the newspost comments... yupp, 15's closing up. :) Doesn't feel all as important a 20 but maybe I should post a post or something... it is pretty crazy thinking about how long this place has been here. And Tom still going strong. lol yeah, the porn... so nostalgic. XD Also fortunately seems like I still appreciate that kinda stuff...

You know even though it was so long it seemed to end way too quickly. Feels like you really kept the pace in an attempt to not make it longer than it had to be, and maybe that helps too, lotta energy in the narration, but it never grew repetitive either. It's a pleasure to watch these. Especially with games I would've liked/can relate to/feel like it's good to know about. Legacy stuff. Memories. Edutainment.

Ah man, hope you don't burn yourself out though; turn the animating thing into something that's not fun. Gotta find a cycle where you never forget huh, and live on that rush even when you're doing other things? Yeah you're a hard working animator and writer and everything! :D Ganbatte!

Glad you stuck to your guns and did make a 10 yr post after all, congrats to you for making it for 10 yrs on NG! Here's to 10 more ^_^

Yeah man, even if it wasn't the big grandiose post I intended, still gotta do something to celebrate ;3

@NanoSoft @artistunknown Ye!

Cheers m8 and here's to another 10 good luck

Happy New Year dude!

Happy new year!!! Sorry I never responded to your last post, I get so sidetracked I guess I forgot.

No worries. :) Discussions come and go but the New Year's on a roll! Fresh start. Right on track. :P