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I've been interested in animation for longer than I can remember. I'm mostly self taught, and seem to be improving with everything I release. I hope to one day further my skills. I love making cartoons.

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Posted by artistunknown - October 20th, 2017

Hey, so it's been quite a while since I've posted an update to Newgrounds.  It's been like what, over a year?  Yeah, I'm not letting that happen again.  I mean, I've posted a few cartoons here, and I tend to check out the help forum and answer any questions I can, but my last news post here was for the 6th anniversary of FMTS, and then the last news post before that was a similarly long break between.  Gonna try to update more often though, since I guess I might have fans here that don't follow me anywhere else?  I can post to the frontpage every 2 weeks, so I might as well use it.


Anyways, first bit of unrelated news, Chris (@MistyEntertainment) released a new EP recently and all proceeds from it until the end of October will be going to cancer research.  It's a pretty great deal I think, you get to listen to some great music, and get to also help kids with cancer.  Check it out here if you're interested: https://christophertom.bandcamp.com/album/plastic-people-ep


Okay, now to my shitty news.


So first off, if you missed it, my last release here was a short anthology entitled Anthology X, comprised of shorts I deemed to short and stupid for newgrounds + a few timed exclusives.  It ended up getting 2nd place and was on the front page for a litte, I don't know why it did, but it made me pretty happy.


All right, so what have I been working on recently?  Welp, for the past 2 weeks (and earlier in the year) I've been working on a live action series with Alex (@RECONmasterFILMS), and it was supposed to premier on October 13th, but has been pushed back because production hasn't been going as smoothly as it should, since Alex's family is busy moving.  Still, all of it will be filmed at least, so now we have a year to get all the post and shit done.  Just gonna be hard if we need to do some reshoots.


Since I've been at Alex's house for so long, we also did some live streams!  I wanted to do something different for the 7th anniversary of FMTS, which was on September 1st, and the only idea for a celebration I had was to do a live stream.  I wanted to do it ON the first, but it kept getting pushed back for various reasons.  In the end, we finally ended up doing it this past Monday, and although the stream ended up a little different than I had initially planned, it was still pretty fun.  If you wanna see me and Alex do commentary over every episode and short, as well as premeir a few things and make some shitty improv songs live, then it's all right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN_8dmMPZT4

Before that though, we did a test stream that ended up being the length of the stream we intended to do!  It's more scattered and "unscripted" but it's still fun.  It's a mix between improv songs, improv skits, and just random bullshit because I was very tired.


I hate linking to youtube, because it hurts Newgrounds, but can't really avoid it in an instance like this :p


Speaking of youtube, the non-advertiser friendly bullshit has finally hit me!  Turns out 15 of my videos are "not suitable for most advertisers".  I just kinda figured I wasn't gonna get hit due to my affiliation with a network, since it had been so long since people started getting hit, but NOPE.  I don't really care now, 'cause it's not like I was making much on youtube anyways, and most of the hit videos deserved it, but there were a few videos falsly hit that did annoy me, and it's really lame that you can't appeal unless you get 1k views in a week.  Seriously fuck youtube.


Okay, switching topics so I don't go into a full-on rant (already did that on twitter).  I haven't put out a lot of animated stuff lately, anything significant anyways.  I've been working on a lot, but I haven't FINISHED a lot because I've been jumping between projects like crazy.  I'll have something to show by the end of the year though (not just one thing, mind you).


The main reason I've been struggling to more consistently work on anything though, is, well, because I've been struggling.  Same old shit, my brain is dumb, blah blah.  I think I've gotten better though, 'cause before we started filming, I was being productive for a whole week, I even got my sleep schedule fixed!  So how did I (seemingly) overcome this problem that I've been trying to get rid of (again) since 2015?  By being traumatized, of course!  Yeah, so I really thought I was gonna die during hurricane Irma, so I told myself if I survived, I would get better and get back to being as productive as I can be, and spoiler alert, I survived, and the storm wasn't even that bad (for me at least)!  It was still a really trying time though, but hey, I'm glad good ended up coming from the bad.  It's kinda similar to when I originally got over my emotional bullshit in 2012, except in that instance after being traumatized I realized that in a sense, I got what I wanted afterall, and that getting so caught up over it was stupid.  Or something, I don't remember.  The point is, I guess I need to be traumatized in order to get back to work.


Anyways, so this month was gonna be the start of more content, but with the new series being pushed back, next month will be the start.  In addition to the new series, I was also gonna have two Halloween videos this year, one live action and one animated.  The animated one has been, surprise, pushed back.  The Halloween one though has been mostly done for a year, so I'm currently polishing it up and it'll be out on the 27th.  Idk if it'll be on Newgrounds though, since live action is a bit iffy here.  In addition to that, the rest of the year will be packed with content.  There'll be 8 new AU Reviews, and a few cartoons sprinkled inbetween!  So, plenty to look forward to.


I've got a lot planned for next year, so hopefully I can pull it off.  If not, well, then I guess you'll hear from me around this time next year, again.


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Welcome back bro! I wish you the best in everything! I also subbed!

Whoa, thanks! I've seen you post in the EGB a lot, good job keeping Newgrounds clean!

I agree, fuck youtube.

Hell yeah.

Thank you kind sir! Good job on making awesome animations, games, music and art! You're great!