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September 1st marked the 6th anniversary of FrogMan the Series.  Yep, it's been six years, and there's only been six episodes.  WHAT HAPPENED?!  Well, a lot of stuff, but I've talked about that in-depth many times in many different places, and this isn't supposed to be a negative post, so yeah.  In addition to the 6 episodes though, there has also been 8 shorts, and FrogMan and Pico, so that could count as an additional 2 episodes if you want!

So how am I celebrating 6 years of FMTS?  Well, other than this shitty news post, there's a new short!  Watch School Scare!

It's not much of a celebration, but hey, it's better than most of the previous years!  Some years didn't even get a celebration!

So what does the future hold for FMTS?  Welp, it's finally got to the point where I feel like I can actually make all the crazy episodes I've written, but they're gonna take forever to make, so I'm not sure if I can make every episode and the movies, but if I had a fuckton of money, you bet that'd be the project I throw it into, because I'm an idiot.

Episode 6 was fairly well received though, so episode 7 and the rest of season 1 will come eventually, with shorts inbetween!  In an attempt to keep FMTS on everyone's minds so it doesn't fall into obscurity, I'm gonna try to release 1 FMTS related cartoon every 2 months, whether it be a short or an episode, so hopefully that works out.  I'm really bad at actually following through with plans though, so who knows.  There's just so many things to work on it's hard to pick something to just work on a lot of the time.


Welp, that got slightly less positive at points, but ehhhh.  HAPPY SIX YEARS, FMTS!


tfw literally no one cares


Oh yeah, I guess I should mention it somewhere, so whatever.  I also recently uploaded Brain Drama, and for some reason it got daily feature and was on the front page for a few days.  I don't understand why, considering it was made in a day, but hey, whatever.

Also I uploaded some music, so here is Sometimes and Surf Rock Test.  They're both very different from each other, so yeah.


Okay, that's it now I guess.


I'm dumb.

FMTS 6 + Update

2016-04-15 15:16:32 by artistunknown

All right, so first thing's first, after way too long, episode 6 of FrogMan the Series was released last Saturday!  So hey, if you missed it and are interested, give it a watch.  It's 8 minutes long, and I think it's pretty funny.  It is part 2 of a 3 part story though, so you might wanna watch episode 5 first to avoid any confusion (though you might still get confused because I am shit).

Also on April 1st I released an extended play of joke songs that are kinda decent I think, so if you're  interested in listening to that, I put the songs in a playlist.  It's like 4 minutes in total so it's not like it's a huge time sink ;3

And now an update video:


If you don't feel like watching/listening and rather just read the update, it essentially just says what I said at the start of this post, plus the fact that I will be trying to release 1 cartoon a month again despite also looking for a part time job.  Shouldn't be too difficult, but ya never know.


Also, if you're interested, @MistyEntertainment and I are reviving the Flash Library series of collabs!  We're curently doing one for 4/20 and there's a forum post here with details on submitting and whatever.  It's pretty fun to just see what kind of short you can throw together in a single day, doesn't even have to be that good.

All right, that's about it I guess.  I'm gonna try to be more active this year, after not having stable internet for a lot of last year.  God that was terrible.


And now for a wall of text I was gonna paste in the FMTS 6 description but couldn't 'cause I guess it went over the non-visible character limit.

Episode 6 should've come out in 2013, well, not this specifically, but an earlier version of this that I decided to scrap and then re-start in 2014 for many reasons, mainly because after not working on it for over a year, the quality wasn't up to par with what I was making in 2014, and I really felt like a full re-write was needed.  And so I re-wrote it, along with the rest of the season, and I am SO happy I did because it is so much better.

The result of scrapping that original version though, is that now there is a huge gap in the difference in look between episodes 5 and 6; the original version of episode 6 was a pretty natural transition when you take the short "Frogs of the Round Table" into consideration as another transitional piece.  Episode 5 is how the series looked in 2011 and 2012, a transition from the shitty tweeny garbage style of the first 2.5 episodes, and me wanting to make the show look and feel like an actual cartoon, the same transition that began halfway through episode 3 and continued in episode 4, and near the end of episode 5, that transition was nearly complete.  The transition finished by the end of Frogs of the Round Table, and finally the series would look how I wanted it with episode 6, but it was scrapped, so that 2013 look is lost.  Hell, not even the FMTS short that came out in 2013 looked like the original version of episode 6 did.  It looked better.

Anyways, this version of episode 6 is actually the 3rd version, and the one I've been referring to was the 2nd version.  The first version was very short lived, was a single frame, and looked closer o episode 5 stylistically, and was pretty shit, so was quickly scrapped.  This final version of episode 6 began production in 2014, with the re-write and voice recording, and then animation began in mid-2014.  Given how long this ultimately took to make, between 6.5 and 8 months (not exact because I wasn't keeping track most of the time), this should have come out in late 2014 or early 2015, but after a couple months of working on it, I decided to take a year off to work on other things, and the result of that is two scenes that are rather out of place stylistically.  Aside from those two scenes though, this has been the most stylistically consistent episode since episode 2, and that's pretty goddamn sad, honestly.  But hey, only way to go from here is forward, so future episodes will definitely have a consistent look throughout, and I'm not just saying this, I know this because I've learned from my mistakes and have made model sheets and now practice drawing characters before animating them so I know I remember how to draw them.

So yeah, production on this started around this time in 2014, so it's been 2 years, and of course before that, production on episode 6 REALLY started in October of 2012, and boy has a lot of stuff happened since then.  This probably isn't the place to discuss that though, and I honestly don't feel like typing all that up in addition to the rest of this  bullshit that no one will read, so maybe I'll do a sorta retrospective video on that, someday.

Also, for those wondering why there are censors and that tv rating in the beginning and the "BSBS" thing in the bottom corner, one of the gimmicks of this show is that it's supposed to feel like a TV show, like the episode is actually playing on a fictional TV network, hence the network logo.  It's kinda been established in the series, but not really, so there's always some confusion about it, bottom line though, it's a bit of a plot device.  The censors do come into  play in some episodes as more than just a thing covering up profanity and naughty bits, but if I discussed that in detail that'd be spoilers.

Well, whatever, I'm sure there's more I want to say but my mind is drawing a blank right now.  I doubt anyone read all of this, but to those who did: thank you.  It's been a hell of a ride since I first started working on this and I honestly can't believe it's done.  I think I'm gonna cry.

It's Been a While...

2015-12-08 13:09:52 by artistunknown

So, for the past couple month's I have not been that active here, and there's a reason for that, but first, if you haven't seen the Newgrounds 20th Anniversary Collab yet, you should, because it's amazing, and I had a part in it.  I'm really glad to have taken part in this collab 'cause it turned out great, and everyone that took part in it should be proud.  I'm also glad that I got to contribute to two tributes for Newground's 20th, the first of these being my own film, FrogMan and Pico, which if you haven't seen that yet, you really should.  Like seriously, go watch it.  Please :c

Anyways, main reason for this post: Mid October, I moved back to Florida, and since then, I haven't had internet until a few days ago, so that's why I haven't been around.  Do I have any finished projects to show for my absence?  No, not really, but that's 'cause I've really only been working on one thing, episode 6 of FrogMan the Series, and I swear it's almost done, and I'm trying real hard to get it done and out before the year is over.  Just 3 scenes left.

Kinda sucks I've only released 3 cartoons this year, but eh, I guess that's what happens when you decide to work on a couple long projects.  Next year I'm gonna try to release one short a month again, while also working a part-time job, 'cause that needs to happen.  At least I'll want to animate more, hopefully...

So uh yeah, big cartoon coming soon, and plenty of stuff coming in the future.  I've been bad at releasing stuff and planning and stuff this year, and really keeping active, but I'm gonna try to get better at this.

Oh yeah,  I just uploaded this shit: so enjoy that I guess.

And that's it... maybe.

FMTS Title.  The designs are a bit outdated, but it's good enough.

This is Part 2 of the 5th anniversary retrospective on FrogMan the Series, see part 1 here if you haven't.



FrogMan and Pico Scene 1

All right, so 2012 didn't end as I had planned it to.  In fact for a bit there it was looking kinda bleak, but by the last few days of the year I was feeling pretty okay and enjoying myself and was looking forward to 2013 and what it would bring, and boy would it bring a lot.  In non-FMTS related stuff (and some FMTS stuff) I managed to release 1 short a month for a good bit this year, so this was definitely one of my most productive years, sort of a new golden age for me I suppose.

Anyways, in January of 2013 I randomly started thinking about Pico Day and wanted to make a cartoon for it since it was one of the biggest NG holidays, and since I wasn't really happy with the state of NG at the time, that's what I decided to make my cartoon about, a way to fix the problem with Newgrounds.  What was made was FrogMan and Pico.  I had finished the script and from January to March or so, I storyboarded the whole thing minus some stuff in the montage, and then from that point to Pico Day I animated the first scene.  Of course, before I finished the first scene the lap top I had borrowed from Alex's Mom for nearly 2 years finally died.  I was able to finish up the scene at Alex's house though, during the Pico Day weekend.

This scene looks kinda sloppy compared to the rest of FrogMan and Pico, especially against the shot I went back and added to the first scene in the full film.  It's all animated frame by frame though and there's A LOT of movement, even if it's just two guys talking.  It must've been good 'cause it got me my first solo daily award and was on the front page for a few days.  It was a pretty great time.

I had originally wanted to get the full thing done for Pico Day 2013, but couldn't, so then I thought I would just finish it and release it whenever, but then I decided I could just finish it and it'd be best to actually release it on Pico Day, so now Pico Day 2014 was my deadline.  I'll let y aknow how well that worked out later.

FMTS Short 2 "Cinco de Gayo" (NSFW)

The 2nd FMTS short, and this time it actually was meant to be an FMTS short, as indicated by it being in the title for some reason.  By now I knew that ep 6 wasn't coming out for a while, so I had to fill the gap somehow, so I wrote a couple FMTS shorts, and this was the first of those.  It's also my first kinda explicit thing in a long time, and it's glorious.

It starts out innocent enough, FrogMan's making tacos for Cinco de Mayo, but then Wise Frog has to ruin everything!  It's always fun to animate more adult things, and it was certainly fun to animate Wise Frog fucking a tray of tacos and then cumming, as stated by jorler, "an obscene amount of semen".

Reception to this was kinda mixed.  People liked the animation, but were kinda turned off by the "adult" joke, though most people seemd to be able to look past that and some people were even on the same page as me and thought it was funny.  As for me, I still think it's hilarious.  Dick jokes and using cum for comedic purposes will never get old to me.

FMTS Short 3 "End of Summer; End of All"

All right, so coming off of Cinco de Gayo, here we have a less explicit, and kinda almost family friendly FMTS short.  Yeah, there's still some crude humor and language from Wise Frog, but it's not that explicit.

So fun fact, this short wasn't meant to see the light of day, 'cause I really didn't like the writing in it.  Now though, I think it's funny, and anyone who didn't like the writing didn't know what the fuck they were talking about.

So when this was originally uploaded, it passed judgement with a decent score, but then quickly fell to being WAY underrated, and I still don't understand why, 'cause there's no way people not liking the writing would cause it to fall as much as it did, I'm still thinking it's the fact that the loop in the beginning went on for a little too long, which I still don't think it goes on for too long.  I guess people are just that impatient.  Anyways, aside from that bullshit, there was still some positive reception to it, from people who actually know what they're talking about anyways.

In the end, I like it, it was fun getting to animate Whiskey the Cat for the first time since 2009, and there's some really nice animation in this, and it took a while to make and is kinda decently lengthed.  There was originally supposed to be more of a plot, but again, I didn't like where it was going originally.  It's fine now though.

FMTS Short 4 "Date" (NSFW)

Oh boy.  This one's just full on porn... sorta. It's quick and to  the point, and for that, I say it's funny.  I don't know, there's just something about Wise Frog smacking a chick out the window with his huge cock that just makes me lose it.

Anyways, as you might've noticed, I linked to the youtube version because it's the only standalone version of this short on the internet, because it's too short for me to upload here, and it was made as part of the Fucked Up Date collab, so if you want to see it uncensored and on NG, then watch it there.


FMTS Short 5 "Easter's 4/20"

As 2014 was the 10th anniversary of the origin of the FrogMan character and stuff, I had dubbed 2014 "the Year of FrogMan" and it shows, there was a good bit of FrogMan-related stuff released this year, starting with my favorite of the FMTS shorts, Easter's 4/20.

Now that title might be a bit confusing, most would think it means that Easter owns 4/20, but no, it's "Easter is 4/20" because in 2014, Easter was on 4/20 and I could not pass up an opportunity to make a cartoon about it, and what a cartoon it is.  I think it's great, both writing and presentation.  This is certainly the best animated and best looking of anything related to FrogMan the Series, and although it was really close to getting completely fucked over by asshats voting 2 while underjudgement, it managed to get 5th place and the score went up dramatically.  GEE, I WONDER WHY.

FrogMan and Pico Scene 2

So after finishing the first scene of FrogMan and Pico, I took a bit of a break from it since I had a year to finish it.  I start working on it again in December, starting on the 2nd scene.  Then after finishing the first shot, I decided to switch over to working on the 3rd scene, so from January to March I animated scene 3, and then Pico Day was coming up fast and I knew I wouldn't have the whole thing done in time again, so I had to rush through scene 2 and enlist the help of MistyEntertainment to get this scene done in time for Pico Day.  It turned out pretty good for how quickly it was finished though.

And now the first 3 scenes were done, only one scene was left and it was the longest and most complicated, containing dialog, a montage, a musical number and more dialog.  The deadline was now Pico Day 2015, would I make it in time finally?  Spoiler Alert: Yes.

FMTS Ep 6 Abandoned 2nd Attempt

Finally, I can talk about the production of episode 6, not because it's finished, but because this version of it is out.  So, this is actually the 2nd version of episode 6, and the one I'm workign on now is version 3.  Where's the 1st version?  It never saw the light of day and I kinda deleted the file 'cause it was shit and was only like one or two shots.  It wasn't anything special, it looked like ep 5 from what I remember.  I think I started working on episode 6 in September of 2012, and then scrapped what I had and started again way later.  As you can see by this here, I finished the first scene, the opening credits and some of the 2nd scene, and the rest of the animatic for that scene is included as well because that was all I had of it visually.  The audio for the rest of the episode was also recorded but yeah, didnt' get used 'cause this got scrapped.

So this version looked kinda promising, but why did it get scrapped?  Well, a few reasons, but first I'll discuss exactly what I had to go through when workign on this.  So I was working on this in December of 2012, and I had finished the first scene.  I really wanted to get the episode done by the end of the year, and although it looked like I was making great progress, it definitely wasn't going to happen.  Still though, if i had kept it up, it probably could've been out within a couple months.  So during December of 2012, we were living in a shitty trailer park and my little sister was being a teenager and constantly had like 30 people over, eating all of our food and doing tons of other shit.  There was never any quiet or peace so it was really hard to work on episode 6 when I could've been, not only that but I was also starting to get depressed for reasons I'm not gonna discuss, but I got over it after a while because I was gonna be singing at Disney on the 23rd, and I was reassured that things are fine, mostly.  So after that point, we managed to get my sister to stop bringing all of her "friends" over, and I decided to use the rest of that Christmas break to relax and hang with Alex.  For once I was having fun.  After that point episode 6 got little to no attention though.

As I said during the discussion of FrogMan and Pico scene 1, the laptop I was using died, and I didn't get a new one until maybe May of 2013, and even then I couldn't work on episode 6 'cause I didn't have access to the file.  I did eventually get access to the file but it just sat there as I pondered on what to do.

In this state, episode 6 was looking really outdated.  Artistically I had gotten so much better, and the writing just wasn't up to par with my standards, so eventually I decided, after much hesitation, to scrap the nearly 3 minutes I had done of episode 6, in favor of a completely new version, re-written to be less explicit and funnier.

And now that is what I'm working on.  There was some really gay shit in episode 6, but now it's all gone because it just wasn't funny.  I don't know why I thought it was funny in the first place.  So I rewrote eps 6 through 12 because every episode just wasn't up to my standards, and after that Alex and I got to record our lines for eps 6 and 7 together, and I think that has helped a lot of the line delivery in the episodes.  Animation work on ep 6 officially started again during June or so of 2014, and went on to maybe September, with a brief break inbetween.  Then, I took a longer-than-anticipated break to work on other things, mainly FrogMan and Pico.  Now though, after again, over another year since restarting, I have began to continue work on episode 6, and I wanted to have it out today, but that didn't happen, but it'll definitely be out by the end of the year™.  I've just been really bad at planning and keep losing motivation, but it's all I"m working on now, and goddammit, I'm gonna finish it.

FMTS Ep 6 Teaser #1

And here's a preview of episode 6, looking good right?  Even in the time since making this, I have improved a lot, but thankfully it won't be too jarring of a difference being next to the rest of episode 6.  I think the text bit goes on for a bit too long, but other than that this is a nice scene and I think works well as a teaser.  Looking back now, I feel bad having a 50 second teaser because the episode probably isn't going to be as long as I had originally thought.  Oh well, hopefully it will be worth the wait.


So, this isn't technically FMTS-related, but FrogMan has a cameo in it and it's an important short so I'm gonna talk about it anyways, and who knows, maybe it should be an FMTS short.

Anyways, so this took way longer than it was supposed to to make, 'cause it was supposed to have more limited animation so I could get multiple things out that month, but I went a bit overboard and yeah.  I guess it paid off though, because FUCK ORIGINALITY was a surprsie hit.  Either it's because of the title and its point and humor, or the fact that the thumbnail has a bunch of video game charactesr in it, this short got 4th place and amassed over 3k views in a short amount of time and was unexpectedly one of my most successful cartoons of the year.  And I like it too, a lot of the aniamtion still holds up and it has a good point and it's executed well.

FMTS Short 6 "The Fight Before Christmas"

All right, so it's been a while since an FMTS short came out, and this one was even meant to come out for Christmas of 2013, I just kinda stopped working on it for a year.  The end result is great though, some nice fighting animation, and some of my best drawings are in it.  It might be a little offensive for the ending though, but come on, it's just a silly little thing.

FMTS Short 7 "Sketch"

This is the most recent FMTS short, and boy is it short.  It's only 10 seconds long and was made for the Sketch Collab 2014, and again, I'm linking to the youtube version for the same reasons as for "Date", but if you'd rather watch it here, and don't mind watching the whole collab, then check it out there.

This collab was being worked on for a while.  I made my part in one day in June, and the collab didn't come out until the 30th of December!


FrogMan and Pico (NSFW)

And finally we come to the most recent thing related to FMTS, my current magnum opus "FrogMan and Pico".  Started in 2013, this short film is about Pico thinking that Newgrounds is in bad shape but FrogMan showing Pico that Newgrounds is probably doing better than ever, or at least it would be if the new generation of artists would be more widely embraced.

I've talked a lot about FrogMan and Pico already, and you can read all of that in some of my news posts and the decription of FrogMan and Pico itsel.  I've called this film my "love letter to Newgrounds" multiple times, and the fact that I managed to release it for Pico Day 2015, Newgrounds' 20th year, was an accomplishment.  For the longest time I was afraid that the film wouldn't do well and I had wasted 2 years making it for nothing, but once I finally released it, it was met with nothin but praise and I couldn't be happier.  It won 3rd place movie in the Pico Day contest and was on the front page for a week.  I just wish more people had seen it because it has a valuable message that everyone needs to see, Tom Fulp said it himself.

Well, this post has been pretty long winded and stuff, so I think it's about time to close it up.  I'm currently working on episode 6 again and I intend to have it out by the end of the year.  I'll have a better estimate of when it'll be done once I finish the animatic and have an idea of the runtime.  I am determined this time to finish it thoguh and nothing's gonna stop me.

Well, happy 5 years FMTS.  Sorry I was kinda neglectful to you for a bit there, but I'm working on it.  Hopefully it isn't too much longer before your first season is done.

And hey, thanks to anyone who read this entire thing, I'm guessing it's a lot 'cause it took nearly 4 hours to write.  Extra thanks if you actually decided to click any of my links and check out what I'm talking about!

I guess now I'll leave you with my current plans for FMTS:

  • Release ep 6 by the end of 2015
  • Release ep 7 and 8 during 2016
  • Release ep 9 through 12 during 2017
  • Release FrogMan origin film for Summer 2019

Yes, after season 1 of FMTS is done, I will be working on a feature-lengthed FrogMan origin film, based on the original "Adventure of FrogMan" comics.  I've been wanting to do this for a while, and since 2019 is the 15th anniversary of FrogMan, it seems fitting.

Here's a teaser poster I did a while ago, it will be redone later when I'm settled on final designs and stuff.

5 Years of FrogMan the Series - Retrospective (Part 1)

2015-09-01 21:05:34 by artistunknown

FMTS Title.  The designs are a bit outdated, but it's good enough.

Today marks the 5th anniversary of when I uploaded the first episode of FrogMan the Series to the internet.  Episode 1 was uploaded back on September 1st, 2010 to Youtube, and December 21st, 2010 here on Newgrounds, because the episodes weren't made in flash and I didn't know how to immediately get them on the website.  In fact, episodes 2, 3, and 4 didn't make their ways to Newgrounds until over a year after they were first released!

Anyways, I wanted to do something special since 5 years is kinda  big deal, but I don't really have anything unfortunately, so I guess a long, drawn-out news post will have to do!

FMTS has had a pretty sad run in recent years; there hasn't been an episode in over 3 years now!  However, in that time I've released 7 FMTS shorts, a few other projects involving the FrogMan character, and of course a bunch of stand-alone shorts not related to FMTS in any way, so it's not like I've done nothing over the past three years, and if anything, I've probably been more productive these last three years than ever.  I do regret not putting more time into the full episodes though, although I'm kinda glad I didn't get back to it until I did, 'cause when I was supposed to be making episode 6, my skils just weren't up to par.  Sure, when episode 6 finally is released, there will be a huge gap in quality between it and episode 5, that would've been a more smooth transition if I had just continued with the original version of episode 6, but more on that later.

Let's now take this time to look over everything FMTS-related I've released since the series began!


FMTS Ep 1 "A Series is Born"

The first episode of FrogMan the Series!  I remember starting it during the summer of 2010, and finishing it well before the deadline of September 1st.  I don't remember what my plans for the series were, but I feel like I was trying to get an episode done a week, but yet this episode wasn't released until September 1st, so idk.

Anyways, this episode sucks.  I mean, it's okay comedy-wise, but everything else about it is just bad.  Making it helped me continue to make more stuff though.

Also, this episode was animated in Anime Studio Debut 6, which was a horribly limiting program, and I feel a lot of the blame for the shit animation can be placed on that program, or at least my inability to use that program if it is capable of doing fbf animation, which I don't think it was 'cause I tried everything to get it to work my way.  While I didn't really know anything about how to actually animate back then, I still had some basic idea I guess 'cause I managed to make a few short cartoons including the original FMTS pilot and this by using MS Paint and movie maker, and that's kinda like straigt ahead animation.

Anyways, because this episode was made in Anime Studio, and there was no way to put a preloader into my movie (from what I remember) I had to find some alternative way of getting it up on Newgrounds, so it didn't immediately get up here.  Eventually, we found a program that could convert video to .swf and even give it a cool little video player skin, and episode 1 was finally able to get up on NG.  Eps 2 and 3 are a different story...

FMTS Ep 2 "Every Hero Has a Chick"

I think I started episode 2 immediately after finishing episode 1.  This episode was also the last one finished over the summer, and the last one finishined before its actual deadline.  Finishing this episode was also the latest I had ever stayed up at that point, I stayed up until 7AM, finished the episode, and then had to take out the trash because I was still up, lol.  But then I slept.  I've stayed up way later now, of course.

Episode 2 is slightly better than episode 1, 'cause there's more movement and stuff, perhaps too much movement at points.  I feel as though some scenes go on for way too long, because of a lack of everyone, other than one character, doing something, like the very first scene, when they're in the kitchen, FrogMan and Wise Frog are having a conversation and Terrible Toad and Toady are just sitting there, lifeless.  It's so hard to watch.

Also the elephant in the room is that this episode is kinda sexist.  While the Chinese Doll has more of a purpose later on, Chick Frog is essentially just an object for Wise Frog to do horrible things to.  This was apparently going to be the original direction for the entire series aside from a few instances of actual character stuff, but thankfully I'm not a 15 year old anymore and I have re-written a lot of the future episodes to make sure everyone's a more likable character, and Chick Frog has an actual personality.

Also, this is the first episode to have some scenes cut for being too "explicit" for youtube, and these deleted scenes were supposed to be DVD exclusive extras.  This was a plan since the beginning, some episodes would have DVD exclusive scenes for various reasons.  It's been nearly 5 years since this episode premiered, and maybe only 2 or 3 people have still scene this episode in full.  That's something.

FMTS Ep 3 "Gangsta Frog"

I don't remember anything about the production of this episode, other than finally getting fed up with Anime Studio and switching over to flash... and brining the habits I had gotten from AS with me. Ugh.

So yeah, not even half way through the episode, there's a complete and drastic change in how everything looks.  It's really jarring, and honestly, the Anime Studio drawings looked better, though maybe there wouldn't have been much of a difference if I had just used a smaller brush in flash and knew about brush smoothing...

So yeah, out of all the "classic" episodes, those being 1 through 5, I always cite this one as my favorite, at least for writing.  Although nowadays I can see how it would offend some people, I still think it's the funniest episode so far.   Still though, there's a reocurring problem in eps 2 through 5 that I have hopefully fixed with the re-writes of the rest of season one: too much profanity.  Like, I don't know how much profanity is in each episode, I could check but meh, but it's definitely way too much.  I can't believe some of the stuff I thought I could get away with on TV, under a PG/TV-14 rating.  The original version of episode 6 had 90 uses of fuck.  That's a lot.

Anyways, I've always liked the ending to this episode, 'cause there's some nice dialog between Wise Frog and the cop, and some great gags that no one ever notices.

And so concludes 2010.  3 full episodes of FMTS were released, two of them even being over 9 minutes long!  Their quality is shit though, so releasing over 20 minutes of stuff in a couple months at the end of the year probably doesn't mean as much as it would nowadays.  Still, 2010 was productive.  The series got off the ground and things were looking up... until the last couple days of the year.  Then bad stuff happened.


Music Video - "When You Fucked Grandpa" (NSFW)

Okay, so on December 30th, 2010, my father passed away and not too long after I moved in with my older brother and was there for about a month.  In that time I got one thing done.  This was that one thing.

I think I had gotten a little bit of work done on episode 4, but throughout that entire time I really didn't work on anything due to lack of motivation.  I managed to crap this out during one day of extreme boredom though.  This was made from start to finish in one 11 hour sitting.  I don't know why I made this, I don't know why I spent 11 hours on it, but it exists.  It's actually not that bad- okay, it's really bad- but it looks decent.  Yeah, the line quality is shit, but I actually TRIED to make something good with it.  I'm sure if it wasn't a music video about Wise Frog fucking Terrible Toad, more people would like it.  There's also a really gay bit in it that I can't watch.  Fantastic.

Also, fun little bit of trivia: I wanted to see what would happen of the uploader of an age restricted video on youtube was under the age of 18, so I uploaded this to youtube and flagged it myself.  Instead of getting age restricted, it got removed, and my channel got a strike.  Serves me right.

FMTS Opening Credits V2

The 2nd version of the opening credits.  The 1st version of the opening credits, which was used for eps 1 through 3, was never uploaded separately.  This version was used for eps 4 and 5.  These opening credits are better than the 1st, though it still uses the same shit quality FrogMan Rap, it looks better... kinda.  Everything is drawn with the pencil tool for some reason and it still looks kinda bad, especially in the beginning of episode 5, but it was another necessary step in my evolution as an animator I guess.

FMTS Ep 4 Teaser

The first and only teaser for episode 4, and the first teaser of any episode!  This was also only uploaded to Newgrounds, for whatever reason.  I think as a kinda promotional thing to bring people to the episoes on youtube since I still couldn't figure out how to get them here.

Anyways, this teaser's nice.  It's one of my favorite scenes from episode 4, 'cause it has a gag that's kinda underappreaciated, that being Wise Frog roasting a marshmellow on the burning tire.  These episodes seem to have a lot of underappreciated gags.

FMTS Ep 4 "The Hero-Villain Race"

Hey look, another episode, that was a bit of a break, huh? I'm sure it won't be too much longer until the next episode is out! HA HA HA! Oh God...

Anyways, episode 4 is nice.  It starts out and HOLY SHIT LOOK AT DAT QUALITY- okay it's not that impressive but it still looks nice compared to the previous episodes.  This was also the first episode to be animated entirely in flash.  I still couldn't get it on Newgrounds though because I made each scene an individual flash file.  Anyways, although it's still animated the same way as the previous episodes, it looks nicer than episoe three because everything is drawn with a smaller brush, though I didn't immediately figure out brush smoothing.

I really don't have a lot ot say about this episode I guess.  I like it, I used to not like it, but people said they liked it so I went back and looked at it and yeah, it's not bad.  There's some attempts at actual animation in it and although they look bad, at least I tried.  There's also some really nice looking parts and the voice acting has kinda improved maybe.  The race scenes are also pretty cool to watch, even if looking back they're kinda lazily done, this episode just feels like it's almost an actual cartoon.

And that was 2011, nothing happened!  Like, seriously, aside from these couple things, the only other thing I made in 2011 was an ad for Boring Co., and this which is kinda related to FMTS I guess.

So why was 2011 so goddamn unproductive?  I guess it was just hard trying to cope with everything that was going on.  Oh, wait no, the big thing was that my computer died, yeah, that happened, I always forget about that.  MORE ABOUT THAT DURING THE PRODUCTION OF EP 5 THOUGH.


FMTS Ep 5 Teaser #1

It's just a simple teaser for episode 5, kinda close to when episode 5 actually comes out, which is kinda odd since episode 5 was in development for over a year due to problems, but again, more on that when we actually get to episode 5.

FMTS Ep 5 Teaser #2

This wasn't actually uploaded to be a teaser to ep 5, it was actually uploaded to see if I could get away with using that song and uploading it to youtube without triggering their shitty content ID system, and yeah, I was able to, yay for me.

Looking back at this, fuck I hadn't realized I uploaded this uncensored, lol.  I'm surprised it hasn't been flagged yet for that liscense plate.  Anyways, this teaser is really fucking laggy for some reason so it doesn't really do a good job of showing it, but this is probably the most important scene in ep 5 because it shows just how much the art had improved from the time I had originally started working on ep 5 and the time I was able to get back to work on it.

At the end of the YT description I supposedly promised that the wait for episode 5 wouldn't be much longer, and sure enough, two months later, it was released.

FMTS Ep 5 "The Vacation Part 1: The Sweet, Sweet Beginning"

Finally, episode 5 of FMTS.  I have to start this off by saying that I recently went and uploaded video versions of eps 1 through 5 to NG, and this version of episode 5 is actually the BEST version available, because youtube doesn't allow you to replace a video file.  When this was originally uploaded to youtube, one scene lagged so bad because I guess it was too much for flash to render properly, but now thanks to Swivel, and its ability to render each frame individually, the scene can finally be seen lag-free!

Okay, so the production of episode 5 was a disaster, between eps 4 and 5 there was a gap of over a year.  I've gone into full detail many times about what happend, but essentially I started working on ep 5 in the Summer of 2011, then got addicted to Minecraft and didn't work on it much, then stopped being an idiot and went back to working on it, and then my computer died, causing me to not be able to work on it for  A LONG TIME.  I didn't get to be anywhere near a computer I could kinda call my own until October of 2011, when Alex's mom let me "borrow" her laptop, and I still didn't immediately get back to work on it, 'cause we were doing Minecraft shit and that was apparently more important.  Oh, also I guess I didn't have the project file, that's a big issue too.  I did eventually get all the files transferred and the episode was finished and released in June of 2012, on both youtube and Newgrounds, and it even got daily 7th here, though I never found out until over a year later 'cause I was curious, and even though it only got 7th place, it got over 3k views at the time, and that was pretty cool.

Episode 5 was the best thing I had made at the time, and it's certainly a good example of how much someone can improve artistically in a year.  While a lot of episode 5 is still kinda bad looking now, at the time it was near-perfect and even started to look like an actual cartoon near the end.

I had promised that the wait for episode 6 wouldn't be nearly as long as the wait for episode 5.  Three years later and it still isn't done.  But we'll get to that later.

FMTS 2 Year Anniversary Video

So this is a bit different.  It's not really animated, just a shitty drawing and a song with shitty audio, a rushed piece of shit excuse of a 2 year anniversary video.  It could've been better, but hey, at least the 2nd anniversary got something.  Every other one hasn't :/

FMTS Short 1 "Frogs of the Round Table"

Frogs of the Round Table is interesting.  It's the first FrogMan the Series short, although at the time it wasn't considered part of FMTS.  It's based on a garbage "animation" I did in 2009, which was based on a 2007 comic I made.  This is a remake and obviously it's better, though the colors are kinda shit but eh, I've improved.  Everything else about this is great though, aside from some quiet audio.  It's interesting that I started this up almost immediately after ep 5, and there's such a huge leap in quality.  I started incorporating some actual frame by frame animation into the later bits of ep 5, and this here, is entirely frame by frame, or at least from what I can remember.  Doesn't mean it's done well though, but it looks good enough.  The part with FrogMan stabbing Terrible Toad in the shower was also the first time I storyboarded an animation, so there's that.

Frogs of the Round Table was originally just a quick, standalone thing to tie people over until episode 6 came out, but little did I know that it would be the first in a very long list of things that would fill the gap between episodes 5 and 6...

FMTS Opening Credits V3

The 3rd version of the opening credits.  This one doesn't suck!... mostly.  The FrogMan Rap is greatly improved, and so is the animation.  The FrogMan Rap sounds more like an actual rap, because the audio was finally re-recorded and it even has a newly made backing instrumental.  This was also the first thing I animated with my at-the-time new tablet.  This version of the opening credits was supposed to be used for the rest of season one, but unfortunately will never actually be used for an episode.  It was only ever used as the opening credits for the abandoned version of episode 6, and the youtube versions of most of the FMTS shorts, which in retrospect was a bad idea.  At least it got some use though.

All right, so this was supposed to be a lot longer, but for some reason I couldn't have the whole thing in one news post, even though it isn't longer than the character limit, but I'm not waiting around any longer so I'm just gonna split this into two posts.  Join me in part two here.

So last Saturday was Pico Day, and hey, ya know what?  I ACTUALLY released FrogMan and Pico!  Although it was slightly different than I had originally intended 'cause some kinda non-important things had to be cut in order to get it done ontime.  So yeah, if you haven't seen it yet, I seriously reccommend watching it.  I put a lot of effort into it over the last two years, and I think it turned out great, so I'd love to hear what you think about it!

Watch FrogMan and Pico HERE.

I have a ton to say about the production of FrogMan and Pico, but I'll save that for another newspost.  For now I'll just talk about this last month, 'cause OH BOY was it a month.

I started off this month with about 4 or so minutes of FrogMan and Pico left to animate.  I had no clue how I would pull this off without sacrificing sleep.  And that's exactly what I did.  For nearly every day this month I got only 6 hours of sleep, working from 10am to 4am.  It was hard to pull through at first but I started getting used to it quickly.

I kept thinking this month was gonna kill me, 'cause I had to sacrifice a lot of sleep (I'm used to getting 10 hours) in order to finish this, and I was going to be moving to PA (not to go to Pico Day, that would be silly, it was in the plan though), although this has since been rescheduled to happen at the start of May.  That would've been a 16 hour drive, so that would've been 16 hours I wouldn't get to work.  Fortunately it was postponed though 'cause I definitely would not have finished otherwise.  Still, that meant I didn't get to go to Pico Day, but hey, at least I finished my Pico Day submission!

The really bad thing that happened this month though:  I got hives.  Twice.  I don't know why or how; some sort of allergic reaction to something I can't figure out, but the itching got so unbearable and by the time I was able to treat it with benadryl, I was getting really dizzy, I just couldn't work for a week or so.  So Not only did I manage to animate 4 minutes this month, I wasn't even working the entire month!  It's seriously amazing how much work somone is able to do when pressured by a really tight deadline.

So yeah, basically I'm really surprised I managed to survive through this month, and I'm really glad that FrogMan and Pico is finally done.  I've been wanting it to just be done for so long and now it is.  The reception seems to have been pretty good so far too.  All 5 star reviews so far aside from one asshat, so woo.  Also it's currently on the frontpage, so that's cool ;3


Okay, so now what's next for me?  Well, I kinda signed myself up for the Continue the Song Collab for NG's 20th aniversary, so I'll be doing a part for that.  I'll also be starting working on a commissioned short series for a friend soon maybe.  Still haven't heard back from him.  The episodes won't be as fully animated as I would normally do 'cause the amount he's paying, but hopefully you guys will still like them.  Also apparently NATA starts in June this year, so I'm definitely going to make something for that.  The one goal I set for myself this year was to finish a cartoon for NATA, and now that I managed to finish 4 minutes of animation in a month for FrogMan and Pico, I think I can definitely handle making something for the deadline this time.  I'm ready ;3.  And then after that, expect episode 6 of FMTS.  I want to try to get it out on 9/1, but that might not work so well with NATA happening, heh.  I would love to be able to get ep 6 and 7 out before the end of this year though.  I might also make a short for Halloween.


Okay, that's it I think.  Next time I make a news post I'll make a huge wall of text going in-depth on the production of FrogMan and Pico!

First off, last month I uploaded a short that I started in late 2013 or so and didn't get around to finishing until a few days before uploading.  You can watch that here if you want:

Also I turned 20, not that that's important or anything.

Finally, if you would rather listen to this update instead of reading, you can do so here with the video version.  I also put a good bit of work into the editing and even did some crap animation for it so yeah.


Anyways, actual update:


  • I have finished the majority of scene 4, all that's left is the montage
  • I have finished 1/4th of the montage, and probably the most complex segment in the entire film.
  • I've also FINALLY storyboarded the rest of the montage aside from the last segment which I'll get to when I feel like it.  I'm currently working on roughing out the animation for a few of the segments.
  • Scene 4 (including the montage) totals at 5:56 bringing the total runtime of the film up to 17:21.  A whopping 11 seconds longer than the last time I counted the runtime.  Man the pacing of my storyboards must be awful, this thing started out at around 8 minutes long!
  • I'm going to start sacrificing sleep in hopes of getting this thing done on time 'cause I've been lazy recently and haven't been working as much as I should
  • I SHOULD be completely done with scene 4 aka the montage by the end of march and already working on the 5th and final scene.  I'll make another update when the scene is finished.
  • I'm still waiting on the finished song for the musical number in scene 5, so hopefully that's done by the time I get finished with scene 4.  If it isn't I can still do the stuff before and after the musical number but that's still really pushing it.
  • Like I said earlier I'm going to be sacrificing sleep pretty soon.  I'm going to try to work 16 hour days on this.  Hopefully I can finish before the deadline of April 25th

So yeah, that's it!

Here's a preview as a reward for reading all of it:

Goodbye 2014 - Where Have I Been the Last 6 Months?

2014-12-31 13:44:03 by artistunknown

So first thing's first, apparently it's been 6 months since I've made a news post, so there's quite a bit to catch up on ;3

First of all, I recenlty released a new cartoon for Christmas, The Fight Before Christmas.  I started animating it last year but for whatever reason I never finished.  I finished it this year though, and to make sure I finished it in time for Christmas, I skipped out on a Halloween animation and finished it in November.  I did start working on a Halloween cartoon though and even got the whole thing storyboarded and did a few backgrounds, so it'll probably be out next year though I'm not entierly sure.  I do like it still so I want to get ti done eventually.  Anyways, so far the Fight Before Christmas has just over 500 views here which feels like very little to me for Newgrounds anyways.  It got 6th place, but I really feel it was deserving of an award.  It would've been nice to get an award on my last solo submission for the year but eh, whatever, I can't really complain because the rest of the year has been pretty good for me, exposure-wise.

All right, so stuff that's happened since my last news post.   Uh, apparently I teased an image of something for Robot Day.  Well, obvioulsy that project did not come out on Robot Day, in fact I didn't get any work done on it except for the script.  This is because I was thinking the concept would be 3 to 5 minutes and I could probably get it done in time, but by the looks of the script it'll be closer to 10 minutes so I don't know when I'll have the time to get to it, maybe next Robot Day.

On the Fourth of July I uploaded a teaser for episode 6 of FrogMan the Series.  It got 2nd place, which was honestly a surprise, it wasn't even a low scoring day either.  It currently has nearly 1800 views, which is pretty okay for a teaser.  I'm proud of the quality 'cause it's a huge step up from episode 5 which came out over 2 years ago.  I worked on episode 6 for a good bit before working on it on-and-off and then stopping work on it altogether to work on other stuff, but currently I have over a minute of it animated with nearly 3 minutes storyboarded.  Once I finish the big project I'm working on now, all of my time will go toward working on episode 6 and getting it out in 2015.  I want to be able to get at least 3 episodes out a year in the future. That would be great.  I'm thinking after episode 6 is done I'll take some time off to work on some other projects, or just jump right into episode 7 to finally get this trilogy done.  I'm very indecisive.  I want to get the first season done soon though.

Next up on the last day of August I released FUCK ORIGINALITY, a short that turned out and was recived surprisngly well, a lot better than I would have thought.  I was thinking it'd be controversial and people wouldn't get it and would hate me but no, the exact opposite happened.  The short satirizes myself and internet animators in general who make nothing but parodies because that's what people watch.  I made it 'cause I keep seeing people say how they don't like how there's so many parodies and there's no original content anymore but yet when somone does release something original, it gets barely any views because people only watch the stuff they're familiar with.  I guess controversy gets veiws too, 'cause with a title of "Fuck Originality" it got over 3000 viws, a pretty decent score, and daily 4th, and there was even some discussion of the topic in the reviews.  This was definitely the short that gave me the most surprises this year.  I really like this short too; it's got some really nice subtle animations and I think the writing is my best yet.

Then in October to be ironic and complete the meta joke in Fuck Originality, I released a shitty Zelda parody.  I thought it was funny but idk, maybe I just got tired of it from spending so much time animating it.  A lot of people didn't seem to get the joke either.  I guess that's what I get for basing an animation off of an Easteregg in a single videogame.  SORRY I COULDN'T BE RELEVANT.  It's like all of my other parodies, based on an experience I had with the game, but of course people don't see it as that, they see it as something they're supposed to relate to.  Ranting aside, it currently has over 1700 views and got 5th place which is surprising considering the shitty reception.  This one seems really underrated to me though 'cause look at how good it looks!  There so much animation and the colors and shading look really good.  And no one fucking cared.  I honestly think this cartoon has the most poses out of all my cartoons.  Still it wasn't a huge waste of time though, it makes a good portfolio piece for people who DO care about visuals, and it only took about a week to animate.  Also I think I'm mostly done with parodies at this point.  I was going to make  a bunch of them because they do get more views, and therefore more money, but I've stopped caring about making money on my webtoons.  I was going to make a Watch Dogs parody in November, but yeah, I didn't feel like it.  I'd rather make original content, even if no one watches it ;3

And then in November I was part of the Thanksgiving Collab (renamed because there was only 3 entries finished :/) with a short I started last year for Thanksgiving, and finished up this year.  I like this short because it was fun animating the Indian's head getting crushed by the turkey's kick, heh.  The rest of the collab was pretty cool too.  It even got 4th place!  Not a lot of views though...

And then I released the Fight Before Christmas, I said this as the first thing.  GO WATCH IT.

And finally the last thing on my profile for the year is the Sketch Collab 2014.  The collab turned out great.  It's alwasy cool to see so many people come together and bring their own unique styles into something.  I did my part back in June or something, so this thing's been in the making for a while.


So yeah, there's been a few things I started this year that weren't finished and probably WON'T be finished, like my NATA animation for this year, heh.  All my time is now going into working on FrogMan and Pico in hopes to get it done in time for Pico Day 2015.  I'm certain I can get it done in time.  Next year seems to be the perfect time to release it anyways because Newgrounds is turning 20 (as am I) so it should serve as a great birthday gift to the site I love so much ;3.

I've started doing production blogs on FrogMan and Pico so people can keep track of my progress.  The first one can be viewed here:

I also uploaded my new animation reel ( I've definitely improved over the year.  What do you guy's think? ;3

This year was pretty good.  I got 6 awards for my own stuff and then another 6 for collabs and stuff, AND everything else I uploaded got runnerup, which I keep forgetting.  My two big hits of the year were definitely Fuck Originality and Earthbound- The Trees.  The former getting over 3k views and the latter getting double that AND front-paged.  Both pretty high quality pieces too.  The year even ends with me reaching 50 fans.  A big thanks to megadrivesonic for being #50!


Well, I'm certainly looking forward to 2015.  I don't know what it'll bring, but I'm definitely going to be trying to release the things I should've been working on for the past few years!


EDIT: Another last minute surprise:


Tom is a great guy :3

Updates and Future Stuff

2014-06-27 17:29:53 by artistunknown

I was going to wait to make this news post until I had an update video put together, but eh.  I'll just update this later when that video is actually made.

Anyways, to start things off, I finally got around to animating and Earthbound parody that I wrote back in November.  I'm surprised it only took 2 weeks to animate, since imo it's the best quality thing I've animated so far.  It must've been good too 'cause it got daily 2nd and was even on the front page  for a few days.  You can check that out here if you haven't already:

Now that that's done and out of the way, production of episode 6 of FrogMan the Series has started.  I was storyboarding the first scene but some lines need to be re-recorded so that's been halted.  I have, however, started animating the second scene.  I've gotten about 12 of the 40ish seconds of it animated, and when it's done I will be releasing the scene as a teaser for the longer thing.  The full episode should be around 11 minutes, so get ready for it!  It's been 2 years since an episode, so I'm really hoping it does well.

I was going to try to do one really short short a month so I wouldn't become inactive while working on biggerr animations, but then I realized that I should be putting all of my time into the bigger projects so they can have a consistent quality and not take a million years to get finished.


...Also I'm working on something for Robot Day.


Happy (late) Pico Day!

2014-04-28 13:13:42 by artistunknown

Yeah, Pico Day was Saturday, but I wanted to make this post when my Pico Day submission was finaly up, and it is.  So watch Scene 2 of FrogMan and Pico here:  I put a lot of work into it and even worked on it all weekend to try to get it up in time for Pico Day, but I was a little late... OH WELL.

But yeah, I had originally intended to have FrogMan and Pico fully done by this Pico Day, but that didn't happen.  I'll either upload the full thing when it's done, or wait until next Pico Day.

Speaking of Pico Day, it was pretty fun.  I couldn't go to the party because money, but the live stream was fun and made me feel like I was there... in a corner... not talking... It was fun though.


On an unrelated note, if you missed it, last week I uploaded a short for Easter, that also has to do with 4/20, so you can watch Easter's 4/20 here if you want:


Happy Pico Day!  What was your favorite part of Pico Day?  Mine was watching all the Penicorns get jackedoff.  So many...